TM2100(Ginseng) LGA-6x16mm-64L


TM2100(Ginseng) LGA-6x16mm-64L

2.4GHz Wireless Audio SiP

TM2100 is SiP IC packaging in 6x16mm, including 8-thread MCU, Power Amplifier, RF switch, EEPROM 512K, and RF Transceiver with 2Mbps data rate. The SiP built on a BT substrate with bottom side GNDs for RF and Thermal. It meets MSL-3.
The IC is designed for wireless Audio. The wonderful firmware is loaded in the memory of MCU and EEPROM. It creates 1 to 4 bond wireless link with 16bits/48K sampling rate. It latency is very short < 36ms under 1 to 4 application. In pro-mode, the latency is <18ms, good for Gaming applications.

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